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  • Premium Quality Construction: The OTICA Laryngoscope Set boasts high-grade 304 stainless steel blades and handles, guaranteeing durable, reliable performance and longevity. Each set comes with a reassuring One-year warranty, highlighting its superior standard and quality.
  • Advanced Illumination Technology: Each blade in the set is equipped with cool LED bulbs, ensuring bright, clear illumination while eliminating the risk of accidental burns to patients' delicate tissues. These LED bulbs are not only three times brighter but also enjoy a tenfold increase in battery life compared to traditional alternatives.
  • Versatile Design & Compatibility: With blades available in both Macintosh and Miller types, the set offers versatility in use. Each blade is meticulously designed with a brushed satin finish to minimize glare and is compatible with all conventional handles. The blades also come in a range of sizes (from 1 to 4), making the set suitable for various patient needs.
  • Safety-Focused Features: Prioritizing patient safety and comfort, the laryngoscope blades are crafted with atraumatic tips. This thoughtful design feature minimizes discomfort and potential trauma during intubation, making the procedure smoother and safer for patients.

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