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Fidelis Healthcare neurological reflex hammer is made of premium material for better anti-rust capacity. It is made with a zinc-alloy handle and silica gel head, which is weighted for balance and is entirely crafted by hand. The hammer includes silicone mallets, along with a balanced handle to generate controlled percussions. The Taylor reflex hammer elicits metastatic and plantar responses with less effort and greater patient comfort. The precisely balanced handle gives increased control of percussion force. Thermo-plastic-rubber triangular head has a beveled apex and base employed to elicit the myotatic reflex. The soft base and rounded apex are perfectly suited to provoking myotatic responses in the striking precise positions of tendons. Also suited to obtain chest sounds and to percuss the abdomen. The weighted chrome-plated handle is precisely balanced for increased control of force in the percussion. The encircling band of the handle with a pin firmly secures the triangular head midway between the apex and base. The handle is also made with a pointed tip and brush for eliciting cutaneous and plantar reflexes. knee hammer, doctor hammer, joint hammer, knee hammer for medical student, knee hammer for doctors, knee hammer kit, knee hammer set, reflex hammer.

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