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Dialysis Fluid Purity: In order to avoid endotoxin related complications during routine hemodialysis, the usage of ultrapure water is strongly recommend. Ultrapure water or dialysis fluid can easily be achieved through the application of special dialysis fluid filters such as Diasafe Plus

Chronic Inflammation: The usage of ultrapure dialysis fluid has been shown to reduce markers of chronic inflammation in hemodialysis patients, therefore it is suggestive that ultrapure dialysis fluid has a beneficial effect on inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerotic CVD

Oxidative Stress: This type of stress is associated with the progression of malnutrition, anemia and inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis, the usage of ultrapure dialysis fluid to reduce dialysis induced oxidative mechanisms appears desirable

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE): The importance of ultrapure dialysis fluid in routine hemodialysis treatments is emphasized by the finding that endotoxins act in synergy with advanced glycation end products (AGE), which enhance inflammation and oxidative stress10. The use of ultrapure dialysis fluid has further been shown to reduce the plasma levels of the AGE compound pentosidine

Anemia Treatment: Ultrapure dialysis fluid has been shown to improve iron utilization and the response to erythropoietin, meaning it could be beneficial in anemia treatment by allowing for a reduced erythropoietin dosage while maintaining optimal hemoglobin levels

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